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How to support our work

If you would like to support our work here a few ways you could help us:

You can donate using our Northside Counselling Donation form:

Donations: Whether you are an individual, company, or organisation you can contribute directly to us by making a donation -however small or large – we would be very grateful. (Clients who come to the centre and wish to make a donation will be facilitated in the centre – your counsellor will let you know how to do that)

Sponsorship: Our professional Diploma in Counselling Course trains the counsellors who deliver our service. Perhaps you could consider sponsoring a students education with us. Also as a small charity we welcome the sponsoring of supplies or equipment for the centre.

Fundraising: Organising a fundraising event can be fun, rewarding and can also make a real difference in highlighting our services. There are different ways of doing this – table quiz, coffee morning, reading group event, golf outing, concert , a raffle at an outing – or any other event you think might be appropriate. If you have an idea please contact us so we can help support and authorise the event.

Legacy: A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organisation through your last will and testament – Please consider remembering Northside Counselling Service in your will.

Professional Services: If you have professional skills and services which you think support and benefit Northside Counselling Service whether that is as an individual or company as part of your corporate and social responsibility (csr) policy – please contact us.

If you think you can help please contact the CEO, Karl Tooher, on 01-8484789 or email

All services and monies raised from any of the support opportunities above go to assist us in delivering our services – and we are very grateful indeed.