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Client comments

Client comments.

“It has given me the strength and the courage to look at life differently and be more positive about myself.  Without the help I would have been lost completely” NCS Client

I feel happier in myself I know its ok to have off days, I’ve learned to use my resources, I am not as angry or ashamed as I used to be.’ NCS Client 

I have become more confident, less stressed. I started to look on positive things in my life more than negativity. I am able to understand the way I feel and how to control myself. I have gained valuable knowledge on how to relax myself in difficult moments which may arise and I am able to face them now.’ NCS Client

I have discovered with enormous help from my counsellor how to acknowledge my new confidence and reliance to complete my journey.’ NCS Client 

‘I feel more in control of myself. I have learnt skills to calm myself in stressful situations and I’ve learned to notice when my feelings are controlling me instead of myself. My life is easier and less messy!’ NCS Client

‘I went from being depressed; anxious and thinking I couldn’t do anything, to now having plans for a very bright future. Not been as anxious as before and not able to go outside the door, I am now out walking a few days of the week.’ NCS Client

‘I feel much more aware of my issues than when I began. Some of the difficulty about learning who I am is not always easy but its necessary. Life has changed in terms of awareness. My counsellor and myself pinpointed the real dilemmas.’ NCS Clients 

‘Counselling has changed my opinion of myself in a way that I am not as hard on myself. I realise that I am not as bad as I thought I was! It has helped in some other ways too, I cannot really explain it but the more I spoke to the counsellor, I felt better about my situation.’ NCS Client 

‘I achieved the goals I set out during the first session. It was really helpful to have someone so friendly listening to my feelings and helping me acknowledge some feelings that were hidden. We also looked at how to deal with these emotions and would reflect on future steps.’ NCS Client 

‘I feel more positive. Over my time in counselling sessions, I had time to re-evaluate my priorities and choices.’ NCS Client

‘Counselling helped the way in which I think about the past and future. I am more in the present now, letting go of the past and being positive. I am grateful for what I have.’ NCS Client