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Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy

BA Hons in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Important announcement: September 2021 – Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy Programme update: 

We delighted to say that the course has been established and validated. If you are still interested in this please contact Martina in TU Dublin, , Martina will have all the course details and can let you know about the application process. Also, let Martina know you got her details from Northside Counselling, we are working in partnership with TU Dublin.

Northside Counselling Service Academic update:
Northside Counselling Service has a long-standing reputation in our local community and further afield in providing training in counselling. We have trained over 200 counsellors over the last 20 years and we are strongly committed to continuing this Training. We have helped to design and support the development of a new degree in counselling and psychotherapy.

Planned for 2022 – Introduction to Counselling Course

Northside Counselling Service will run an introduction to Counselling Course in 2022. The purpose of the course is to give people an understanding of counselling/psychotherapy, basic skills that can be applied in a work setting and personally, and what is involved with becoming a counsellor/psychotherapist. The course is designed to fit with the principles and vision of the above Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy programme.

Historic – Discontinued – Professional Diploma in Counselling – IACP ACCREDITED

With the changes in regulations coming into enforcement, currently Northside Counselling service is not running their diploma course. Historically our three-year part-time training course was accredited by the IACP since 1997.  We continually explore innovative ways of training, stay up to date with developments in the field and the quality of our course is well recognised.

Becoming a professional counsellor is a serious, complex and enjoyable endeavour. As counselling is a complex and important practice our training is designed to ensure our practitioners learn each of the key elements of:

  • Theory
  • Skill
  • Self-awareness and reflection
  • Professional standards and processes
  • Legal requirements
  • Importance of continued professional development

The Diploma in Counselling is a core training course for people wishing to undertake the practice of professional counselling.  As such it supports the trainee in learning to work with the complex balance of elements required by the practice.

The focus is advanced personal growth for the trainee and learning the core conditions and criteria for the practice of counselling and psychotherapy.  This will prepare the trainee for engaging in the field of counselling and therapeutic practice, with its focus on the therapeutic relationship which places the person-hood of the practitioner at its centre. In addition to these core-principles and approaches our introduction of CBT on to our course has significantly helped to enhance skills for our counsellors and clients.

Advantages of our Diploma in Counselling

    • A long and established history of delivering successful courses.
    • Northside Counselling Service has an excellent reputation.
    • Each tutor on the course is a highly experienced trainer and counsellor.
    • Each tutor on our course has at least a Master’s level qualification in counselling/psychotherapy.
    • Trainee counsellors do not have to source their own clients for their professional hours – they will work with Northside Counselling clients.
    • Because our trainee counsellors work with our clients we ensure they have reached a high standard of competence and skill.
    • Trainee counsellors while on the course will receive their supervision free from our own experienced team of supervisors.
    • Our IACP supervisors have many years’ experience of working with and supporting  counsellors during their training.
  • Trainee counsellors are further supported by our very knowledgeable administration and reception staff.

If you would like to be on our email list for further information on our course developments please email with your question.